Fri, Apr 27th, 2007

A Visit with Tiki

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:16 am by Lea

Tiki is one of the puppies from Rosie’s second litter. Friends of ours adopted him, so we see him regularly.
Anzac Day was Barbie time at their place, so I have some Tiki photos to share with you :)
Tiki was the dog with the most prominent Westie characteristics of that litter. in fact I think he is the most Westie-ish pup we have ever had.

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Tue, Apr 17th, 2007

Pregnant Dogs Can’t Jump

Posted in PuppiesII at 11:46 pm by Lea

OK, so the title was a bit corny :)
Rosie is now large enough that she can’t jump up on the bed at night, poor thing.
So, after she has had a nice snuggle on her pillows and decides its time to come join us (she takes up far too much bed :( and likes to snuggle between us, with her head on a pillow which is Not On) she has found to her horror that she can’t jump up anymore – its just to hard.
So, I, being a good fur-mummy sit up, reach down, and carefully pick her up and put her on the bed.
I’m such a sucker!

Sun, Apr 15th, 2007

Fat girl

Posted in PuppiesII at 12:12 am by Lea

Rosie is growing larger by the day.
She was lying on her back earlier (as she likes to do, the weirdo :) ) and her little belly was sticking out so.
Puppies :)
She’s getting hungrier and hungrier, she is well past morning sickness now and just growing steadily. (can you imagine pregnancy that only runs eight weeks??? I am so jealous! And they leave home 8 weeks after that – she doesn’t know how good she has it! ;) )
Only about 3 weeks until puppies!

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