Sun, Jan 07th, 2007

When Dogs Get Out…

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We don’t have much problem with our dogs getting out of the yard – short of someone coming into the front yard, they have pretty much figured out their limits.
But today when we came back from a swim at our swimming hole, Angus was in the front yard!
Best as we can figure, the kids left the gate open when they went down to the car and we didn’t notice that he had already snuck out when we went down.
But I think he spent most of his time circling the yard thinking ‘how do I get back in?’ if the cobbler’s pegs stuck to his legs are anything to go by ;)
Silly dog.
The only other time he did that I was dressed to the nines on my way out to drop the kids at school and go on and see a client and here’s Angus, exploring a low area under the house. Fortunately one of the kids was big enough to go in and get him :)
He got out once when he was 6 months old and he was running all over the road we lived on – fortunately we were living in the country then too as we were running up and down trying to catch the little blighter. It would have been funny if it were someone else ;)

Boy dogs – far too curious for their own good (I think Rosie is secretly a cat… She’s far too composed to something so uncouth as to take avantage of an open gate for a wander… unless perhaps there were a mouse or frog on the otherside to need chasing… ;) )

Tue, Jan 02nd, 2007

Its that season again

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Well, its getting around to that time again – Rosie is coming into season and we are planning on letting the dogs, erm, have free reign, so to speak.
So, in about 10 weeks we should have some lovely little puppies making the house stinky! (No, its a good thing, really ;) ) We’re expecting that this will be Rosie’s last litter – she isn’t getting any younger.

We’ve just come back from our christmas holiday in Sydney to see family and Rosie and Angus stayed with friends of ours who have one of our pups.
Rosie did not appreciate not being top dog in the house. She seems to be recovered now that she has been home a few days, but she seemd quite cowed by the whole experience.

Angus, pre grommerWe had a sudden hot snap a couple of weeks ago, before we went away, and we had to do an emergency clip on Angus, as he still had his winter coat.
Here he is after we did our normally appalling job of clipping (We had to cut him back ourselves – he was whimpering with the heat)

Angus, post groomer and here he is after returning from the groomer, looking much smarter. We use the groomer down at Samford Vets – she does great work and isn’t too expensive :)