Thu, Apr 05th, 2007

Did you get an email?

Posted in PuppiesII at 7:39 pm by Lea

Well, I’ve just sent out 8 emails to people who wanted to be kept up to date with puppy availability… and we are expecting 5 puppies.
I see a problem here!

Unfortunately a couple of months ago my address book was blank when I opened it one day, so I think I have emailled everyone who wanted to be contacted, by going back through old emails, but – if you were expecting me to email you and I haven’t then please don’t be insulted – I just lost the list (darn it! :( ). Just drop us a line.

I do hope some of those people aren’t interested anymore, or I’m not sure how we will manage!
Its nice to think we probably won’t have to advertise though :)
Did I tell you about the time I advertised one litter and at 6AM we got a phone call… from a gentleman who just wanted to talk about dogs in general? What the…???

Five Puppies!

Posted in PuppiesII at 12:30 pm by Lea

OK, the pregnancy is confirmed (Not that there was any doubt, the way her belly was hanging down!)
The lovely vet says she sees 5 babies in there.
My gut instinct, based on how quickly her belly is growing, is 6 babies, but thats probably just wishful thinking.
But we all know an ultrasound in not an exact science. All those little blobs bobbing around…

Puppies! Wheeee!
Delivery Date is 33 – 35 days from today, +/- 3 days, so somewhere around May 6?
Thats assuming I’m correctly remembering what the vet said… my observations would indicate a week before then – May 1, but its goog to go with the actual measurements they can take in an ultrasound. They’re very accurate.

Now to write some emails to those who have indicated interest. Perhaps I should have lunch first…

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