A Visit with Tiki

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Tiki is one of the puppies from Rosie’s second litter. Friends of ours adopted him, so we see him regularly.
Anzac Day was Barbie time at their place, so I have some Tiki photos to share with you :)
Tiki was the dog with the most prominent Westie characteristics of that litter. in fact I think he is the most Westie-ish pup we have ever had.

His face has very strong Westie characteristics, but the body is much more Maltese. He lacks the barrel chest and the right stance – his body is just too lanky to ever be mistaken for a Westie. But, of course, photos are normally of his face and whenever someone sees a photo of him apparently the first question is ‘oh, have you got a Westie?’
He’s a lovely natured dog (although he and Rosie had to work out who was in charge once he had grown up. Mostly he just tries to avoid Miss Bossy Britches) and gets on well with the kids.
Spoilt rotten, of course, as all our pups seem to be :)

Here’s some photos –
20070425-2 - Tiki in his coat - we were sitting outside and it was getting cold. He'd recently had a haircut 20070425-3 - Tiki 20070425-1 - Tiki being petted

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