Fri, Sep 07th, 2007

Rosie gets fixed – when to spay your dog

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:15 pm by Lea

Well, I just had an enquiry about puppies, and realised I hadn’t posted here in a while – we definitely won’t be having anymore puppies, at least until we get another bitch.

Rosie seemed about to go on heat the other week, so a quick phone call to the Vet and she was booked in.

No naughtiness occurred while we were waiting for our appointment, despite Angus trying for it! ;)

Dave took Rosie down on the appointed morning and I got a phonecall in the afternoon that she had come through well.
I picked her up the next morning and she was very pleased to see me, but very quiet.

She wasn’t licking at the wound too much, so we didn’t need a lampshade – just as well, I can’t imagine Rosie putting up with that!

I had to carry her up and down the stairs for a week or so to go outside, and she spent a lot of time resting on a old kids sofa that we have under my desk.

She pulled through beautifully – I’m glad we had it done, we don’t have to worry about her being on heat, and any possible complications of pregnancy anymore, but its sad that we won’t have anymore puppies.

However! We do have a plan to buy a pure bred Westie bitch once we scrape up some money… so who knows, in a few years :)