Wed, Jun 27th, 2007

first go at meat on the fly

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:16 am by Lea

I defrosted a chicken wing this morning and gave it to the puppies to ‘play’ with (play from an educational point of view, you understand)
I took it over to them, called ‘puppies!’ to get their attention and then dropped the meat on the floor. They all bounced on my feet, not having noticed this yummy strange thing. But then Baxter spotted it! He was diving under the other dogs to get to it, then suddenly they all noticed it! It was like a rugby scrum, with everyone trying to get it. Ella managed to snag it and ran off. Next thing I know, 4 little puppies are chasing each other around the room, one with a chicken wing in her mouth.
Three of them are tearing at it at the moment :)

Puppies – worth every second of the effort :)

Sun, Jun 24th, 2007

Only one puppy still available

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:51 am by Lea

Of our 4 puppies, 3 have confirmed homes.
I have had several enquiries about our remaining little nameless boy, but its been hard to get in contact with the enquirers – I’m using a contact form on this site to minimise the spam I get (those scraper bots are horrible creatures) and this means people have to type in their email address. Its surprising, but quite often people type their own email wrong, so when I reply I never hear anything back – they didn’t get my reply :(

So – if you have enquired about a puppy and not received an answer, please enquire again, as I have a little boy for you and I would love to get a new home for him. He’s ready to go next weekend.

If you know someone who wants a puppy, please pass on my details to them. Lets find this boy a home! :)

Puppy details are online on the Puppy availability page.

Fri, Jun 22nd, 2007

People Puppies

Posted in PuppiesII at 1:38 pm by Lea

These puppies really like people (or perhaps just me ;) )
I was out this morning at a meeting. When I came home it appeared they had been sleeping in front of the heater (good, just what I planned) but now, they reject the comfort and warmth of the heater to sleep on my foot. Literally!
I have one puppy on the little sofa (one of those sofas you buy for toddlers, left over from when our kids were little), one foolishly on the floor (foolish because the floor is cold :( ) and two with their heads on my foot.
Silly babies :)
Must. Not. Move…
(No photos – can’t move to get the camera…)

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