Tue, Jan 27th, 2009

Sick Doggies

Posted in PuppiesII at 1:42 pm by lea

Well, what an eventful couple of months we have had.
A while ago, we noticed a little lump on Rosie’s tummy, right next to a nipple.
It was worrying, but we had an annual check up due in just a few weeks, and she was obviously in no distress (“Rub my tummy! More!”) so I figured it would be ok to let it wait.
The vet saw them and said that it was a tumour (The Big C! Nooooo!) and would I please book the surgery.
At the same visit, our Vet noted that Angus’ teeth were not good on one side. I was shocked. My Angus! He who is only fed raw bones (plus a few bickies) and of whom vets have always praised his teeth! Although in other ways it doesn’t surprise me – he’s such a lousy eater, and I mean this in a literal sense. We gave him neck bones once, and he almost choked. Dumb Boy :) I would guess his gumline got the tiniest bit inflamed, so he avoided that side, so it wasn’t exercised and thus it got worse and… suddenly he has decay. le sigh…

So, both my dogs had a booking for surgery.

Christmas was approaching, with the bi-annual trip south, so we agreed that we didn’t want Rosie recovering from surgery in a kennel and Angus wasn’t urgent, so we left it until after the season – they were booked in the Monday after we got home.
Rosie’s surgery was uneventful, but Angus’ pre-surgery blood workup showed an elevation of enzyme levels in the liver. I think he was so miserable at the kennel (because it did not go well) that his whole little system was out of kilter. He got put on antibiotics for a retest in a fortnight – we’ve now been through that process and he is due in again tomorrow to get those naughty teeth fixed.

And we were very lucky – Rosie’s lump was benign, but we have been cautioned that we need to have any future lumps checked.
It was a very odd lump, so I am surprised (although pleased!) that it was benign. Apparently they are common in girls who are fixed early and never whelped. But our Rosie has had 4 litters – over 20 little puppies have played across those nipples, so it is very odd indeed.

Well, all’s well that ends well – wish us luck tomorrow. I’ll keep you up to date.

(Yes, we are still here – hoping to write more often!)