Out in the Daylight

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:12 am by Lea

The puppies are getting bigger and all have their eyes open, so I’ve taken a step which I should have done a couple of days ago (such a slacker!)
The puppy box has been in my walk in robe – a bit darker than elsewhere and a bit cave like – Rosie chose to give birth there, and what she wants in that case, she gets, so the pups have been in the ‘cave’ ever since.
But now that their eyes are open I know they need more exposure to daylight, so this morning I have brought them out. Still in the puppy box, of course, but out of the wardrobe (I’m sure there’s a joke in there, I just can’t think of it…)
They are complaining endlessly, and Rosie doesn’t feel like hanging around (I’m glad we’ve already decided its her last litter – she is so past this ‘looking after babies’ thing!) Mum! Its bright! Mum! Make it stop! Mum! I’m not hungry but can I snuggle?
Hehe. Noisy little beggars.
And I got a cuddle! One was chirping more than I like so I picked him up for a snuggle :) (Nya, nya ;) )
I think they are also noticing the temperature change – the heater was in the WIR with them, which did a fairly good job. It is right beside the box, but they may now well have a ‘cold side’. They’ll get use to it.
They are so cute :)

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