Sat, May 05th, 2007

One puppy so far

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:15 pm by Lea

10pm – one pup.

Labour begins

Posted in PuppiesII at 8:13 pm by Lea

I have a young lady here who would definitely seem to be in labour.
With luck, I should have something to report tomorrow morning.
Of course, she’s going to have them overnight sigh
Oh well – puppies! Wheeeee! ;)

Fri, May 04th, 2007

Almost there…

Posted in PuppiesII at 10:02 pm by Lea

Well, we’re waiting and waiting for this labour to begin. She seems to have dropped a little, so we are getting there.
(and, yes, my daughter is home, so if birth isn’t a 3am activity, she will get to see it. I’m starting to worry that it will be a spectator event, with the 3 day weekend coming up so the kids are home!)
Lets hope she delivers over the weekend, eh? I’m sure Rosie won’t be the only one who is relieved :)

Does ‘dropped a little’ not mean anything to you?
During most of the pregnancy, the pups ride fairly high. As birth gets closer, the babies move down into her pelvis, ready to make a break for it ;) This is termed ‘dropping’ and is a precursor to labour.
Well, that’s how it works for human babies, and that’s certainly what I have seen in the past, so I assume its the same.

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