Sun, May 06th, 2007

5 puppies

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well , #3 was at 1:15, #4 was at 2:45 and i don’t know when #5 happened – I checked her at 4:30 for progress and with no sign of further labour, I went to sleep. Silly me, she had quietly snuck out another one :)

So yawn a good nights work on Rosie’s part :)
I’ll have to write some emails – but later…

Keep your eye on the gallery (link below) I’m sure Dave will start loading potos (he can’t put them all on flickr!)

and then there were 2

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Two hours between pups. Longer than I like, but she doesn’t seem distressed.
I went in there to check on her (birth is like war – long periods of extreme boredom interpresed with brief periods of extreem excitement) and found #1 all rolled up in a bit of towel and being ignored. ‘Oh no’, thought I, ‘she is ignoring the baby! This can’t be good’ But, no, she was in the process of delivering #2.
I do wonder if she put him out of the way or if she just moved a bit and he lost his grip.

By the way, we probably won’t know how many boys and girls for a couple of days as we try not to disturb her too much.

Midnight already. sigh I wonder what time I will get to bed tonight…

Sat, May 05th, 2007


Posted in PuppiesII at 10:34 pm by Lea

Photo on Flickr

Doesn’t show much promise, eh?
Believe me, they get much cuter than this ;)

Rosie is currently contently licking this one all over. i can’t imagine if she only had one pup – it would be the most spoilt puppy on earth :)

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