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Strawberry Pudding Flan

After the weekend’s strawberries on pancakes, I was left with two and a quarter punnets of strawberries that needed to be eaten. Some might say that we could have just eaten them, and that would indeed be a valid option, but the weather has started to take on a wintery feel, so something warm sounded like the go.

I have a recipe for Strawberry Shortcake, in a Woman’s Weekly vegetable cookbook somewhere that looks fantastic, but wasn’t what I was after. However, it was enough inspiration to set about making something in a flan tin. Leftover from the Dundee Pudding, was almost enough sweet shortcrust pastry to line a flan tin, so I had a decent beginning. I pre-baked the pastry at 175C for about 10 minutes.

Next I washed, hulled and halved enough strawberries to line the pastry base, like so:


Now for the pudding batter, I used these ingredients:

* 1 cup of plain flour
* 3 eggs
* half a cup of raw castor sugar
* 1 Tablespoon of Bacardi white rum
* 2 Tablespoons of shredded coconut
* a drop of almond essence

I combined all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisked until smooth, then poured the pudding batter evenly over the strawberries. The whole thing then went into the oven (175C) for 30 minutes.

When it came out, it looked like this:


Being terribly impatient, we had a slice each while it was still warm (the rest was destined for the following night’s dessert).


It was tasty but needed more (as I’d originally planned). So for tonight’s dessert, I added a layer of marinated strawberries (i.e. strawberries hulled, halved and placed in a bowl, sprinkled with a little sugar and a tablespoon of white rum, left overnight in the fridge), and topped with a strawberry/raspberry coulis made by stab blending the remaining marinated strawberries with a tablespoon of raspberry jam.

The result was indeed tasty, and pretty as well.


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  • At 4:47 am on 11 May, 2006, kristina commented:

    This looks so delicious–I can hardly wait for the first local strawberries here so that I can imitate it! What is the texture of the resulting pudding–somewhat like a clafouti? If so, I am waiting for June impatiently…. Thanks for the link, I’ve finally linked you up as well.

  • At 7:24 am on 11 May, 2006, David commented:

    Hi Kristina,

    Yes the pudding texture is kinda like a clafouti, but a little heavier and with a hint of coconut. I’d recommend either some whipped cream on the side, or pouring cream drizzled over the top (I was out of cream, thus it’s not included in the post).

    Strawberries are an all-year crop in Australia, they’re just a bit cheaper in the height of the picking seasons. They’re picked in Summer in the south, and Winter in Queensland so we’re lucky enough to have a ready supply at anytime 🙂

  • At 9:33 pm on 28 October, 2006, anne henry commented:

    great to find this. I remembered the name clafoutis from a recipe that i had cut from the SMH about 12 yrs ago! typed it and voils! and without pastry in this chill spring Sydney night with some tinned plums and also some strawberries now feel empowered to comence a bake with ground almonds which i prefer to coconut.thanks.

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