About Me

There’s not really much to say about me as such. I cook, I enjoy cooking (and eating) but have had no formal training in the field (so can’t really call myself a chef, even if others might).
I started cooking when a lad, my Mother teaching me basic things, then more complicated things until I was cooking most of the evening meals while still at home. I then got a job out of Brisbane (Warwick) and was therefore forced to tend to myself, unfortunately I stayed with a lovely couple who happened to be vegetarian (I’m not – I’d say I’m more an omnivore), so cooking didn’t always happen there since the smell of meat did not bode well with my hosts.
From there I moved to Toowoomba and stayed in a share house with a Pole and a couple of Asians. The kitchen was not in any fit state to cook in (in my opinion at least), so I ate out for the three months (and put on about 20 kgs). From there I moved to another share house, this time the kitchen was acceptable, so it was back to cooking. I was in my curry stage so cooked a lot of those. As it happened my principle flat mate also enjoyed curries (and my cooking in general) so we came to an equitable arrangement that I’d cook, he’d clean.
After Toowoomba it was back to Brisbane, where I lived with Simon, Mel & Radomir at Torwood. Here the cooking was shared.
In ’99 I met my (now) wife and moved to Adelaide in 2000. I took up principle cooking duties and have done ever since (expanding my repetoire as I went).
My current favourites are Moorish style cooking and bread baking. (Ok, I guess there was a bit more to say about me than I first thought).

About this Site

Firstly, it should be noted that although I post a lot of recipes here, I don’t actually use recipes that often. They’re more guidelines than actual cannons of cooking law. Thus with any of the recipes I post, don’t feel obliged to follow them exactly (most are written after I’ve cooked something, usually from memory and the measurements are usually far from exact).
Cooking, for me, is an artform.
Having got that out of the way, this site is principly here to document things I make, with the occaisional side commentary on food related stuff (like restaraunt reviews, etc).
So browse about and feel free to comment.


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