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Christmas Ham Wrap

A simple but tasty use of leftover ham.

As is quite common after Christmas we had a fair amount of fresh ham left-over. So that we didn’t become completely bored of the taste of ham within the first week, I started to come up with interesting ways of using it. This simple recipe (it probably doesn’t even qualify for that title) was one such idea.


  • Ham
  • Lebanese (or Arabic) flat bread
  • Lettuce (I used Cos)
  • Lebanese Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Hommus bi Tahini
  • Red Harissa
  • Greek (plain) yoghurt
  • Fetta (I used Greek Sheeps milk Fetta)


Slice the ham as you would if you were making a sandwich and set aside.
Slice thinly the Lebanese Cucumber and Tomato.
Coursely chop the lettuce leaves into strips (width of 1/2 inch or smaller)
Take the Lebanese bread and spread the Hommus bi Tahini over it (like if you were buttering it).
On one end of the bread, place the lettuce
Next put the slices of ham on the lettuce and spread Red Harissa (to taste) on the ham.
Lay slices of Lebanese Cucumber, Tomato and Fetta on top of the ham.
dollop some yoghurt on top of all that
Now roll up the wrap, and cut in half. Eat.
That’s all there is to it, very tasty and so easy to make.

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