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Quick bread (faux turkish style)

_Two nights ago I baked bread – Pane Ordinaire, braided and placed in a tin. Alas, while it was cooking we watched the first episode of Firefly which was longer than the 40 mins the loaf took to cook. In fact it was probably twice as long as the cooking time of the loaf, and the alarm on the oven is not very loud. Thus although the loaf looked absolutely gorgeous, it had a crust that rivaled dwarven battle bread._

_Not one to waste a loaf I’d spent 3 hours making, I suggested it might make decent Bread and Butter Pudding. Lea did the honours while I was at work. However, since we had such a filling dessert planned, we needed a relatively light dinner._

_ I had a carton of buttermilk in the fridge, so I set about making yeasted buttermilk pancakes, and threw in some chopped bacon in the batter. We served them with a slice of bacon and some mushrooms sautéd in butter._

_One pancake was enough so I ended up with some batter left over (about a breakfast bowls worth). This I covered with Glad Wrap (plastic film) and put in the fridge, figuring I’d cook some for breakfast._

_Breakfast ended up being toast as I didn’t have time for pancakes, so the batter went unused… until dinner, where I decided it would make an excellent starter for a small loaf of turkish-like pide to accompany the faux-rabbit (chicken) and chirozo paella I was making for dinner._

h2. Ingredients.

* 1 dessert bowl of leftover yeasted buttermilk pancake batter.
* enough flour to make a dough that comes away from the sides of the bowl.

h2. Method.

Put the batter in a mixing bowl and combine with some flour. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Continue to add flour a bit at a time until you have a dough that comes away from the sides of the bowl.

Kneed some more flour into it (not much, just to take the stickiness out). Cover and let it rise a bit.

Deflate the dough and shape into an elongated oval. Proof until it rises sufficiently, then place in a 175ºC oven for 35 to 40 minutes.

Cool slightly on a rack, until you’re able to cut it, then eat it warm with any Mediterranean dish.

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Spiced Meat Pie with Preserved Lemon Lentils | home | Corn Bread