Wood Furniture Care

Wood furniture is not only beautiful, but durable. The natural finishes, the long, flowing and linear grain, the deep darks and cheery colors can make even the coldest of rooms toasty warm.

But, without proper care and routine treatment, your wooden furniture can deteriorate. Thankfully, with the right proper care your wood furniture will provide you with years of long lasting beauty, usefulness and charm.

When caring for your wooden furniture, first and foremost, think of where you are placing it in the room. Make sure to avoid putting it into the direct path of sunlight. The heat and light will wear the wood, fading it over time and making it harder to maintain. Also, make sure to place the wood away from heating and air condition units, avoiding damp spaces as much as possible or using a dehumidifier if the right room is not the right humidity.

If you have the time, cleaning and dusting the wood everyday is one of the best ways to take care of it, it may seem relatively common sense, but daily dusting and cleaning with a soft, lint-free cloth can protect the fine outer finish. Make sure to use a dry, soft and lint free cloth though as coarse cloths and paper towels can do more harm than good. Do not use damp cloths or sponges, as the y will will harm any wax finishing.

Common household cleaners such as pledge are effective for a quick treatment if you are planning to have company, but should not be solely relied on to clean and protect your wood furniture. These commercially available products can ultimately do more harm than good over an extended period of time. Use them sparingly, such as those times when you have company coming over and don't have all the time to do a full cleaning.

When the time comes, at least a few times a year, treat your wood with a commercially available high-quality polish and/or wax. This will keep the natural colors and finish from deteriorating, protecting it from everyday weathering and also from the damages caused by everyday living.

Routine steps can also be taken to prevent damage to your wood furniture. Simple things, like using coasters, can do wonders for the longevity of your furniture's beauty. Drinks, cold or hot, without coasters will immediately begin to embed into the wood, leaving unsightly rings or marks that are difficult, if not impossible, to get out without sanding and, ultimately, refinishing.

Hot items, even pizza boxes with steaming pizzas inside, also will damage the wood. When placing hotter items, such as dinner plates and pizza boxes, make sure to put something underneath. Avoid using magazines, paper towels, ad newspapers under hot items. The heat will transfer to the paper, sticking it to the wood or transferring some of the inks into the grain.

Wood furniture can last a lifetime if given the proper care and treatment. Its beauty is in its natural finishe, and, with proper care and maintenance and some simple steps to reduce wear, your wood furniture can provide a lifetime of use for you and your family.