Building a deck can be a very pleasant home improvement - you will be able to enjoy more time outdoors at your home, and increase its value.

Before you begin, make sure you check the building codes for your area. Each code will be different based on the size of your lot, how high from the ground it will be, the area of country for frost lines, etc. Building any home extension which isn't up to code can be a huge headache.

What Should I Think About When Adding My Deck?

Planning and designing your deck should include where you are going to put your deck and what the deck will be used for. You should also think about how much sun and shade the deck will have throughout the day. Trees are a nice addition for your home improvement deck, but be careful what types of trees. Some trees will drop a lot of debris on your deck. Berries on the trees can also stain your deck, your deck furniture and the railing. If it is a very sunny spot, consider a trellis roof to help shade the area. If you are building your home improvement deck to house a hot-tub, you will want to place your home improvement deck to maximise privacy.


No matter what you build on your deck, you will have to maintain it. You will need to conduct a yearly cleaning at least on your deck. Using pressure treated lumber can lead to cracking, warping and splitting. It should be cleaned and sealed every two years, depending on the location.

Other Uses

You can make your home improvement deck double as storage area as well. Try to build storage compartments that serve as benches, built in flower boxes, etc. You could store your garden hoses and items used around your deck. Don’t forget to add some electrical outlets for electrical items on your new deck. Remember when purchasing your railings, the smaller the railing the more it will warp, split and crack. Water is the most damaging problem to timber decks. You can seal the deck to help with this problem.

Your home improvement deck can be a valuable asset to your home. Taking care of your deck can help you to keep the cost levels down while living in the home. If you want shade, there are things you can do, but be careful of trees that can harm the wood of the deck. Follow these guidelines and your deck can be a real home improvement for you.