Kid's Bedroom Furniture

When looking for inspiration to decorate your kid bedroom furniture, look no further than the kid in you and the kid in front of you.

All the inspiration you need to paint or decorate your kid's furniture is right there in front of you in the books, magazines, coloring books, school pictures, toys, games and movies most likely strewn across the floor or piled up in the closet.

First and foremost, remember that you were once a kid yourself. We all most likely climbed on our dressers, jumped on our bed (or crawled under it), slept with the light on at some point, drew on our furniture, spilled on it, nicked, bumped and scratched it, covered it with toys, and, most importantly, slept soundly.

When picking kid furniture, never forget the wear and tear that it will suffer over the years. With that in mind, don't go nuts. Buy sturdy, durable yet versatile furniture that can grow with the child. Day beds or futon style bedding can easily convert into a couch to offer extra room and a place to sit and watch TV, play video games or, god forbid these days, do some homework or read a book.

Several styles are available that provide a comfortable night's sleep for your child and convert as they grow. While they may cost a little more, the amount you'll save over time is well worth the initial investment.

When picking dressers and tables, make sure to remember the inevitable nicks and scratches and pick furniture that can stand up to the everyday battering. Solid, one-piece items are preferable, as they not only stand up to the wear and tear but do not tip over when your son decides to climb atop the open drawers to try and jump to the bed.

A night table should offer a place to keep some essentials, the child's favorite toy perhaps, and make sure it is positioned close enough so they can turn the light on and off. This will make them more comfortable knowing the security of it is just an arm's length away.

A good chest is a great way to make use of space. Chests can, at the same time, be used to store away all the toys and games that pile up around the floor. Throwing toys like stuffed animals or action figures into a chest is a quick clean up method. And, while we would all like the added organization of drawers and shelves, is a great way to encourage your child to pick up after themselves without requiring them to do a ton of work. Throw it in and forget it.

At the same time, the chest acts as a table to keep school work on, or other items.

To color the kid furniture, open up a book or think of the child's favorite moves or shows and decorate around that theme. Don't go overboard, because they will obviously quickly outgrow. But using a nice shade of their favorite color is a great way to make them happy. If their favorite color is puke green, pick up a nearby book, and let them help you find a color or set of colors that you both agree on.

One of the easiest ways to decorate kid bedroom furniture and the bedroom itself is to involve the kid. Not just the kid you have, but the kid you have inside.