Growing Pains: Plan Ahead for Kid Furniture

Before you know it, that beautiful smiling baby will be a full-blown teenager, and when deciding what type of furniture to put into a baby's room, planning ahead with the right kid furniture can keep the growing pains at bay.

In the early stages, a crib is an obvious necessity, but thankfully, today's crib makers have realized that, when designing this essential baby item, parents want to plan ahead.

With that in mind, many of today's kid furniture designers have designed cribs and bedding that adapt as the baby grows. Cribs nowadays are designed not only for the utmost safety, but to grow with the baby.

When picking kid furniture, look for cribs that convert into a larger junior bed. As the baby grows, the crib can be converted to accommodate the larger size. This will save you the hassle of having to shop every few years.

Several crib sets also take this idea further, and will grow well into your child's future. Crib sets will convert from junior beds into sofa beds and daybeds. Convertible sofa and day beds also are a great space saver when it comes to your child's room. The beds can be set up in the sofa position, allowing more room for furniture and play things when needed. When its time to hit they hay, the sofa will easily convert back to a comfortable place to sleep.

When picking dressers, it's important to realize that, as your child grows, so to does their wardrobe, the size of their clothes. Pick dressers and chest o drawer sets that will accommodate this growing wardrobe. In the early stages, this available space can be used to store play things, diapers and other items that you need located nearby for your growing baby. As the child grows, clothes, pajamas, and other clothing items will easily fit into the available space. Out with diapers, in with the jeans!

The same applies to closet space. Initially, closets can be used to store essential baby items, but make sure to see the teenager through the trees, and set well-planned shelving to accommodate their wardrobe and personal items as they get older.

Kid furniture doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking. And, with a little planning and some ingenuity on behalf of the furniture industry it doesn't have to cost you money every few years. Take your time to shop around for items that are designed to grow with your child, and you'll not only save money on furniture, but end up saving money on aspirin. Because, without the right foresight, when your beautiful baby is suddenly that growing and independent teenager, they will be giving you headache after headache complaining that they don't have enough room in their room.