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Semolina Pasta with Fried Rookworst and Onion

One of the great things about being on holidays is that you can do more elaborate things for breakfast. For instance, this morning I made fresh semolina fettucini and then topped it with fried rookworst and some spanish onion. It was a filling, and tasty breakfast that one wouldn’t usually have the time to make. Not only that, it was educational, in that I didn’t realise semolina pasta was so much more difficult to make than pasta made with normal plain flour, or that you need a little plain flour to make it bind properly.

So here’s my pasta recipe, suitable for two serves.


h2. Ingredients.

* 115 g of semolina
* 1 egg
* several tablespoons of water (as needed)
* pinch of salt
* a small amount of plain flour

* 1 rookworst
* half a spanish (red) onion, sliced

h2. Method.

Make a mound of the semolina, and then form a well in the middle.
Crack your egg into the well, and add a pinch of salt.
With a fork, break up the egg and beat it gently, gradually add in the surrounding semolina.
Swap to using you hands and knead the semolina dough thoroughly. It will be crumbly and hard to work with, add a little water to the crumbly bits (but only a little) to help them bind. Knead more.
You may need a little more water, yet again, aim for the smallest amount possible, then knead it in well.
Once you have a viable pasta dough, form a log and cut it into quarters.
Tip the cut side up, dribble a little water on each piece, and sprinkle a little plain flour over them.

Take the first piece and squish it flat, turning over to coat both sides with the flour. Fold, squish, fold, squish, until it’s smooth(ish). Press down flat, and feed into your pasta machine on the widest setting. Recombine the bits (it’s unlikely to form a sheet on the first pass). Feed it through again. Keep doing so, occasionally folding in half, until you have a workable sheet of pasta. Decrease the width one setting and feed through again a couple of times, repeat until you’ve got to the fourth setting.
Set the sheet aside.

Repeat the whole process for each of the remaining three pieces.

Boil some salted water in a saucepan.

Now, take two sheets, and place on top of each other. Set the pasta machine on the 2nd setting, and feed the sheets together. Decrease the setting and feed through, until you’ve reached the fourth setting again. Now feed through the fettucini attachment, and set aside.

Repeat for the other two sheets.

Through all the fettucini into the boiling water and cook until done.

Slice the rookworst and fry in a little oil with the onions. They should be done when the pasta is done.

Serve and enjoy.

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