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Roman Spring Lamb (Abbacchio alla Romana)

As one always does when one has a new cookbook, I delved into The Silver Spoon for another dinner idea. Being Friday, I had the luxury of being able to cook a bit later than usual as everyone can sleep in a little tomorrow. The other bonus of Friday and Saturday nights is that I don’t need to prepare something that will microwave well the next day for lunch.

Thus since I had some bbq lamb chops in the freezer I decided to give Roman Spring Lamb a go (P 742). Of course recipes are only guidelines rather than rules so I made a few modifications. Firstly I chopped the potatoes in half, and then in half again (lengthwise), pre-steaming them in the microwave and I also added one large carrot, sliced about 6 mm thick, then cut in half.

I spread the carrot on the bottom of my baking dish, and when it came time to put the rest of the ingredients in, they went on top.

The only white wine I had was a Yellowtail Chardonnay, but this worked quite well (and we drank the remainder with dinner).

Finally, after cooking, I placed the dish uncovered under the griller to brown up the potatoes.

The result was very tasty, with firm but cooked carrots, and a delightful sauce.

!/recipes/images/RomanSpringLamb.jpg (Roman Spring Lamb)!

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Chouquettes | home | Meringue (or what to do with leftover egg whites)