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This fabulous looking vegetable is Radiccio. It really is quite impressive to behold, with it’s bright vibrant red and white leaves that are textured like the spawn of a cabbage and a lettuce. Spawn, interesting word that and vaguely appropriate, as this vegetable is bitter incarnate!

I’d seen recipes that called for various types of radiccio in The Silver Spoon, so when my local fruit&veg shop managed to get some in, I jumped at the chance of trying it. I opted for a radiccio lasagne (pictured below), which although the lovely bacon, muscat flavoured bechamel sauce and the wholesome pasta were all delicious, the bitterness of the radiccio just could not be overcome.

So, unless someone can convince me otherwise, I’ll be avoiding radiccio from now on.

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Black Muscat Pie | home | Coffee sensation