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Cinco de Mayo

Being in Australia, this isn’t really a significant event (actually to be completely truthful, I have not heard of anyone here celebrating it), but since it’s a topic that’s popped up in several food blogs recently I figured I might as well at least cook vaguely Mexican tonight (NB: It’s actually the 7th here so we’re a couple of days out, but then I’m on leave so don’t really know what day it is let alone date.).

Thus I did our usual Chile Con Carne Nachos.

The only modifications I made were to add a small tin of corn kernels (just because) and to spice it up a bit with a Bird’s Eye Chilli and some Tabasco (yeah I know, and I usually don’t cook with it, but I was right out of chilli vinegar, and Tabasco is just about that anyway).

The colours in the pot with the onions, orange and green capsicums, red kidney beans and yellow corn kernels were really quite pretty.


The finished product was, as usual, very tasty and looked like this :


That about summed up any form of Mexican celebration here tonight.

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