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Bruschetta with Bulgarian Fetta

On the weekend I tried out the other of our local fruit and vegetable shops to discover that they’re cheaper and have better looking stock. I’d already bought most of our vegetable needs at the local IGA (Independent Growers Assoc. supermarket). But having nosed around the shop, I felt compelled to buy something. The strawberries and raspberries were cheap, so that was a no brainer, but I also spied a large bunch of fresh basil, so I grabbed that too.

Now I already had a couple of vine ripened tomatoes in the fridge, so tonight I decided to make Bruschetta.

!/recipes/images/BruschettaCloseup.jpg (Bruschetta, up close and personal)!

h2. Ingredients.

* Four or Five thick slices of bread (I used up the last of Thursday’s loaf)
* 2 tomatoes
* 3 cloves of garlic
* a good handful of basil leaves
* some olive oil
* some balsamic vinegar
* a pinch of salt
* some Bulgarian Fetta for topping

h2. Method.

Dice the tomatoes and place in a bowl.
Finely dice the garlic and add to the bowl.
Finely chop the basil leaves and add that to the bowl too. (seeing a pattern yet?)
Now add a pinch of salt, and the olive oil and balsamic vinegar (roughly equal portions, enough to at least cover half the tomatoes).

Stir and cover with cling wrap. Leave to marinate for half and hour.

When ready to serve, toast the bread (quite brown on the bottom, lightly on top).
Cut the bread in half and arrange on a plate.
Spoon the tomato mix onto the bread slices and top with crumbly fetta.

!/recipes/images/Bruschetta.jpg (A plate full of Bruschetta)!

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