Rosie’s Third Litter

Rosie has had her 3rd litter of puppies on Monday Feb 6 2006.
Puppies should therefore be available around April 3, 2006 (Thats when they are 8 weeks old – taking a pup from his or her mum earlier than that is a good way to have an insecure dog, and none of us want that!)
We have 3 boys and 2 girls. We are willing to let them go for $450 each.
Here’s how it works: pick a puppy and leave a deposit of $50 – $100 and that puppy is secured for you.
(In the unlikely event that your chosen puppy didn’t survive, we would provide refund or allow you to choose from the unallocated puppies. But that is not going to happen if I have any say over it! :) )
If you would like to make sure you get a pup and send us a deposit this early, when its really impossible to choose a puppy (its week 2 as I write – they are cute little bundles of white fur who wriggle and squeak. There’s nothing to choose between them. Wait until they are older.) then we will allow buyers to select in order of deposit-paid. ie first in, best dressed.
Puppies are supplied vet checked (with a nice little certificate), vaccinated and fleaed (well, actually we quite often hand over the first dose of flea treatment with the puppy, as its important that they don’t lick flea treatment off of each other and sometimes its a little hard to keep track of them all…) – all ready to go and be happy and pat-able in their new home!

Puppy photos from Week 1 (click through for larger images and more photos):
20060211 - Feeding Puppies20060212 - Closeup sleeping puppy20060212 - Another sleeping puppy

Please Contact Us if you are interested in a puppy. Remember that puppies can’t fly until they are several months old, so only people in or near Brisbane should ask us.