How many Boys and Girls?

Posted in PuppiesII at 9:24 pm by Lea

I was reminded this afternoon (Hi Karen!) that I need to find out how many boys and girls we have.
We just looked and it looks like we have 3 boys and 2 girls – that’s a fairly even spread.

In other news – Rosie is an excellent mum, but it is very draining and its not as if she said ‘I would like to have babies’ – one day they just popped out of her tummy. I doubt she knows how they got there…
This morning around 4AM the puppies must all have been asleep because suddenly we had Rosie in bed with us. “I’m a teenager! I’m not a responsible mother!” was the wordless cry. She snuggled in between us, she bounded up and down the bed, she tunnelled caves under the doona – she had a lovely time playing and then the squeak of doom was heard and she grudgingly went back to her duty.
Poor little lady – this will be her last litter.

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