Sun, May 20th, 2007

growing puppies

Posted in PuppiesII at 11:57 am by Lea

Those puppies are just getting bigger – a couple now have their eyes open and they are doing something akin to walking, rather than just wriggling around.
I got woken up last night by one whimpering – Rosie had managed to make a total mess of the puppy box and the towel was all in one corner. One puppy had managed to get itself onto the timber, and as it is smooth the pup had no traction to wriggle (I said they are walking – only sometimes, and it is very clumsy yet. Perhaps this one hadn’t figured it out). Anyway – poor little puppy could not find mum. Fortunately Nanna (that would be me!) came to the rescue and picked him up and popped him up against mum. Rearranged the towelling, too.
Its odd, but I haven’t ever seen Rosie pick one of the pups up – I have an image in my head of a mother dog picking her puppies up by the scruff of the neck and moving them around to where they should be. Rosie never does this, as most she pushes them around in the process of licking them clean. Not sure why that would be – perhaps I am wrong and its cats that do that, or something?

We have some new photos up in the gallery – go have a look :)

Two sleeping puppies
(click through for larger image and the photo gallery)

Mon, May 14th, 2007

Bad news

Posted in PuppiesII at 7:20 pm by Lea

We just lost a puppy.
No idea what happened – Dave went in to have a peek and here was a puppy off on its one – obviously beyond resuscitation.
I think Rosie knows – she is very morose, as are we.
Propbably a girl – not really worried by that right now.
But no idea what happened.

Never lost a puppy before. :(

Wed, May 09th, 2007

How many Boys and Girls?

Posted in PuppiesII at 9:24 pm by Lea

I was reminded this afternoon (Hi Karen!) that I need to find out how many boys and girls we have.
We just looked and it looks like we have 3 boys and 2 girls – that’s a fairly even spread.

In other news – Rosie is an excellent mum, but it is very draining and its not as if she said ‘I would like to have babies’ – one day they just popped out of her tummy. I doubt she knows how they got there…
This morning around 4AM the puppies must all have been asleep because suddenly we had Rosie in bed with us. “I’m a teenager! I’m not a responsible mother!” was the wordless cry. She snuggled in between us, she bounded up and down the bed, she tunnelled caves under the doona – she had a lovely time playing and then the squeak of doom was heard and she grudgingly went back to her duty.
Poor little lady – this will be her last litter.

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